About Us


BetterLoanOfficers.com is both the online destination for consumers and real estate agents seeking professional loan officers and the first online reputation management platform for professional mortgage loan sales professionals. Founded in 2013 by Rene Rodriguez, with the vision of becoming the Voice and Currency of Trust for the Mortgage Industry. The SAAS platform allows consumers to search for, find and review any licensed mortgage loan officer in the country. LOs can use the site’s built-in tools to improve their sales process, win more repeat and referral business and ultimately crush competitors.


BetterLoanOfficers.com is the first and only Web destination that allows consumers to benefit from the experiences of their peers as they search for support from a professional mortgage loan salesperson. No more guessing whether the loan officer knows enough to solve your problem — whether that be buying a new home, refinancing your existing home or securing a home equity line of credit. Consumer ratings uncover the best and protect others from falling prey to a bad actor. BetterLoanOfficers.com brings trust back to financial services because each rating is based on a real consumer’s actual experience.


Loan officers that do not take control of their online reputations will quickly lose control of their businesses. This is the reality that prompted the founders of BetterLoanOfficers.com to create an online destination that gives consumers the abilty to rate loan officers and professional LOs the ability to manage their reputations and the tools to build their businesses — online and off. With the ability to pull testimonials into one location and then promote the resulting profile to former customers, new prospects and business partners, LOs who cultivate their reputation on BetterLoanOfficers.com win more business and succeed.


BetterLoanOfficers.com allows professional real estate sales professionals to seek out and partner with mortgage loan officers with the proven ability to satisfy consumers and close loans on time. The loan officer’s profile clearly indicates level of customer satisfaction across a number of metrics as well as the LOs percentage of business closed on schedule. There is no better way to ensure a trouble free close when financing is involved.


Lenders are challenged to control their brands and reputations as companies grow and the ranks of professional loan officers they employ swell. At the same time, federal regulators demand that each consumer receive satisfactory treatment and excellent customer service. Lenders have not had a tool to make this possible until now. BetterLoanOfficers.com gives the lender oversight of each LO’s performance by giving every consumer a voice in the form of a LO rating. Consumers that return low ratings can be contacted, giving the lender the opportunity to solve problems before they come to the attention of the CFPB. In addition, built in tools help each loan officer become more successful by helping them manage their online reputations and get more business.


Ethos Development Group, LLC is the product development group helping improve review management for Loan Officers, Mortgage Companies and other people.  We are passionate about making BetterLoanOfficers.com a great experience and a critical component of increasing your business.  We look forward to your feedback and thoughts on how we can continue to improve. Feel free to contact us at your convenience.